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Wedding + event floral design is a huge part of what we love to do. We love to hear about what inspires our potential brides + the colours she envisions for her big day. From here we add our own signature untamed + feminine style to bring her vision to fruition.

Who is our typical Sea Of Love bride? Well to put it plainly she is just like us at S.O.L! She is kind + values family above all else. She is a busy gal + sees the benefit of hiring a florist to bring her floral dreams to life rather than trusting aunt Valerie to throw some flowers in jars the night before. She loves our organic romantic style + isn't a fan of the traditional round rose bouquet. She enjoys handing over her ideas to us because she trusts us to do something genuinely special, just for her. This frees up her time to focus on work + her loved ones. She knows we will do our best work when she gives us a little creative freedom to make some executive decisions based on our floral experience. This allows us to add our own style to her inspiration so her wedding floral is truely unique for her, all whilst staying true to the bridal vision. 

If this is you then we are going to make an amazing team! Please go ahead + fill out our wedding enquiry form below to drop us a line. Please note we only take on a select amount of weddings a year (usually no more than 2 a month) in order to give our clients the time + expertise they deserve. Once we have received your enquiry we will be in touch to put together a custom proposal mood board + quote for you to consider, pending our availability. Let the magic begin!

We look forward to receiving your enquiry + checking our diary to see if Tanya + her team is available to assist you with your wedding floral design. By filling out these few starter questions, you have begun our "get to know you" process which we will go further into with you once we have confirmed we are free to join your wedding vendor team. Please allow up to 72 hours for us to get back to your initial enquiry email in order to review your inspiration pinterest photos to ensure we are the right kind of florist for your vision. Sometimes a tad longer if it is towards the end of the week as we are usually out of the office onsite executing beautiful wedding blooms. But don't stress, we will be sure to commit to you + your big day just the same when the time rolls around!

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flour factory wedding flowers perth