Time For A Change

There is nothing more romantic than how the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shore line, no matter how many times it is sent away…

So here it is, our new business name, logo + website. A big start to 2018 for me + my biz. We are Sea Of Love floral design studio. Why the change you may ask? 2017 was a massive year for us. I finished with a bang, marrying the man of my dreams, Mr Jordan Hendy. I went through some changes, moving away from event furniture hire which I had been doing the past few years + dove head first into making the business all about our passion which is bespoke + feminine floral design. We have been doing a little floral on the side the last year or so to compliment the furniture hire + I just knew that this year it was time to stop being the jack of all trades + focus on where my heart was really wanting me to go. Eggs all in one basket so to speak.

Sea of Love, Fremantle, Western Australia
Sea of Love, Fremantle, Western Australia

At the end of 2017 I turned 30, I grew more as a person + my hopes/dreams about what I wanted out of my business matured too. I knew that I wanted more fulfilment out of what I was doing. I didn’t want to just work in weddings to make a quid or because I was good at working with brides, but I wanted to feel that real love for creativity at my finger tips. Floral design has given me that gift.

The super cute little love heart logo that was Little Love Blooms, has done us well for the last few years but I felt it wasn't quite cutting it for me anymore. I wanted a name that represented the woman I have grown to be, what I love, a nod to my husband, something that represents the relaxed coastal people we are + a name that had real meaning to me. So here’s thy why. The first song I ever danced to at my wedding with Jordan was 'Sea Of Love' by Cat Power. It sums us up perfectly + it felt right to rename my business after such a special moment in my life. When people ask me ‘Why Sea Of Love?’ I will be able to answer them whole heartedly whilst thinking back to our D.floor twirls + dips in front of so many loving eyes on our wedding day. You can’t fake that kind of meaning, it has to be real for it to work.

So here’s a few pics of Jordan + I mid dance (thanks to Through The Woods We Ran) so you can get a hint of the feels that I get when I say these 3 words to myself. The words are more than a business name for me, they are my way of life. Go ahead + play the song ‘Sea Of Love’ whilst scrolling down to get the full feels. Thanks for getting to the end of this spiel + for following our journey so far. Whether you are an old Little Love Blooms follower making the change with us or have new interest in our venture, welcome! Our team is very excited about the road we are now on for our floral future. It just feels right.

Tanya Locke (owner + head floral designer)